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Description:sexy swingers
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Luv it really,watching swingers really tuns me on,luv to do it,wife wont be in though.

looks genuine to me, the house is clearly set up as business for swinging partys. If your a swinger you would hardly mind being taped as your partner is generally there with you, you would be told in advance that it was being filmed that day if you didnt like it you would stay away that day. Actors end to put in more effort

so unique

Real swingers, although a few of them Could become pornstars I guess. Hot stuff!

And does anyone really think these are real swingers, or just eastern block porn starts on a low budget shot? Who cares!

horny people, real, forbidden .. true porn

gähnnn . please fuck and don't kiss woman. you are no man you are gays

Hey, you know what's great? Not one of those pimps or whores has any STDs! I note this because the only condom in sights is on the vibrator that the big titted Anna-Pacquin-looking lesbo is using on a brunette! Fucking idiots - their dicks will be rotting off within a month.

Wow. What kind of retards let themselves be filmed swinging? Did they seriously not realise that this would get posted all over the intartubes? One day their kids are going to be whacking one out and then suddenly scream... "M... MOMMY?"

I'm leaving America...fucking boring here

nice fuckin house

Nope, must be Czech or Hungarian...No German here.


Brilliant. Very long vid which is great. Too many small clips. Lots of diff girls all very sexy. All amatuer too. What country is this from

they need this shit in muslim countries... fuck it they need this shit everywhere everyday.

srsly, fuck the US. if we had more parties like this easily accessible then people wouldnt be so fucking uptight here :/

i do find that no one is speaking english but its all american music for the most part playing in the background.but i would love to be there and at least pretend to speak whatever it is there saying LOL

really your watching porn and you purposely came to this site and your thought is not about all the tits and ass but about why no one has on a condom you retard.

u people who have such stupid comments must be ALL ALONE with your internet porn and beating off. Fucking losers.......................You have no clue ....Dicks rotting off? Look at your own from watching porn and masterbating loser(s) If this upsets you watching people fuck without rubbers go to church fuckheads

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