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My Girlfriend And My Friend Having Sex

Description:My Girlfriend and Some Guy Having Sex
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He's probably such a poor fuck, she would rather have someone else do it.. Maybe 'he' should have videoed it or at least sucked the other guys cock to get him warmed up..

Did he just stick his Gum in her cunt at the end? Can her hairy pussy blow a bubble?

swollen dick
Nice body, I'd do you.

god i never under stood the fetish off watching another guy fuck your gurl BETTER THEN you. next thing you know your gurl is leavin u cause u cant fuck her as good as the next guy!

that doesnt even look like particularly good sex

right. YOUR girlfriend. bullshit.

THis video sucks balls!! It seems as if the guy couldn't make her moan...

Over 24 minutes long and no money shot. FAIL.

perfect tits and ass but goddam. shave that beaver

Hahahaha, shave that fuckin beav!!!

Love the natural look.

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