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Chubby Chaser

Description:This dude gets a nice blowjob from his BBW chick.
Submitted: 83 months ago by Anonymous
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what the fuck is that dude doing? tap dancing?

The guy doesn't even have any furniture!!! Why would you expect him to include sound?

Why no sound

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He's a bitch! Can he not handle getting a hummer. Find a real man next time baby

ya he's getting laid who cares if she is a fatty. I'd be surprise if he got his cock in the hole he prob didn't and came inside the fat roll.

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This is the funniest video ever, this should be in one of those Funny Home Videos shows, the kid just wanna try everyfucking possition he can and he can't even satisfy the bitch, he can't even record the fuck good, throw him back to Mexico

cant hate, my nigga got his bitch in check

Everyone who's hatin' is just JEALOUS!

I don't know why everyone is hating on this shit... I've jerked it to this PLENTY of times. Maybe it's because the girl looks exactly like a friend of mine whom I've always had fantasies about.

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At least the boy is getting some while all u guys do is complain and bitch about how ur gf or wife isn't pleasing u anymore. Hence why were on here

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