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Can't Handle It

Description:this hot teen can't handle a huge cock
Submitted: 63 months ago by Anonymous
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damn...I thought my cock was big...wow...makes me wanna go bi... lol

This looks a lot like my wife and her boy friend. He just about tears her up, but she still goes back to him for that big cock. It takes her a couple of days to tighten back up after he fucks her.

There are bigger women out there. Bigger woman, bigger vagina, eh?

honestly looks like rape to me she def isnt enjoying it at all

Babies may come out of pussies, but it sure as hell ain't enjoyable.

huge penis, small man!

HUGE FUCKING MAASIVE COCK!! Wouldn't wanna go in after he's fucked some chick. her pussy would be ripped right open for good = severely damaged girl single for the rest of her life! lol

wtf are you talking about,.traces of blood,..if shes wet enuf theres no problem with a dick that size,..babies come out of pussies remmeber

Look close, you can actually see her abdomen heaving when he shoves it in. At least she's young, maybe it will tighten back up before she gets a normal sized boy friend. Surprised I didn't see any small traces of blood.

She just made me play it again. I think she's really serious. She just said she would pay this guy to do her

My wife caught me watching this one. She usually get pissed off and leaves. Not this time, she made me play it 3 times. We talk dirty a lot when we do it, you know stuff like doing it with someone else a threesome or cheating. But I suggest something when we aren't having sex she get really pissed off, and says she would even consider it. You know never really want to do with anyone else. This time she brought it up, first she said if I could find this guy she would do a threesome, then she said she might just like to do it with him alone, and let him film it, and show me later. She said she would like to try a huge one at least once, just to know. I suggested buying a big dildo next time we drive to Vegas, but she said it wouldn't be like trying the rea

WTFFF!!!!! HIS DICK IS SO FUCKIN BIG!!!!!!!! i cant wait to hit that tonight nigga! ;D

That dick is, like, novelty-sized. I would hate to not be able to stick my dick in deeper than that.

i have a dick just as big if not biger, it feels gread to fuck girls that can,t take it all the way

wish now my wife hadnt seen this....she's begging me to let her fuck my best friend, now

Eh, thats too big. I have big one, but I'd hate to have one that big. Sometimes I think I would prefer a smaller one... I bet head feels better with a smaller cock.

What an amzing cock! At first I thought it was fake, yikes, she's ruined now for the rest of us. Too bad she's cute

i'd hate to have a dick that big

I do that to girls All the time..... in my dreams

He split her like pine.

Who is this guy?

Oh great...now you ruined her for the rest of us

He could fuck her and make her get heart burn with that thing!

now theres the beef baby. you told me you wanted a big dick. i gave you one now you want too cry about it. woman

my exgirlfriend had a very big vagina, it was awful, I have an average sized dick, and the only way to get a good orgasm was to jerk off a bit, then fuck quickly before she got really wet. Honestly I'd rather jerk off than fuck that pussy.

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