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Will She Swallow It...?

Description:Geeky looking housewife gets down on her knees and sucks cock POV style
Submitted: 60 months ago by Anonymous
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jon ttt
That bitch is hot. I'd love to see her pussy after he fucks her. As much as she likes suckin cock and eatin cum, I guarantee you she's suckin off his friends. As soon as be turned his back my hand would be in her panties. I'd have her on her knees real quick.

wish he would had fucked her!

Cute video. The girl is awesome. I mean it.

She know how to pleasure his cock.

Jerry Bruckheimer
that's it? he got off with that lame unmotivated technique? boy was he desperate. indexing was broken on that video too.

Stubby G
That's Pee pee?....Now tht's original...but she did swallow....great protien

yo jerry dickheimer, its called real people doing it. since all youve ever gotten is rosey palm, you wouldnt know what real people do. stop watching porn stars and get a girlfriend.

anyone know her name?

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