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Description:Nice threesome with a DP session!
Submitted: 82 months ago by Anonymous
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what a slut i feel sorry for who ever marries that

I never tried a DPP before. I wanna see how it is. I wanna see if me and the other guy can bust in her at the same time.


DP is awesome, DPP is even better, so tight its painful but good, feeling another guys balls rub against mine while in a tight pussy is by far the best feeling ever

Speaking to myself here. Great call on the judgmental dipshits swadley and jay by extension. IF these yahoos managed to find wives stupid enough to marry them I'll bet they're out getting tag-teamed and complaining about their limp-dick husbands.

to: swadley... you are the kind of person that makes the world overcrowd...a worm...a pseudo-puritanic...most likely very christian...visits porn sites but feels guilty about it (probably married to your 300 lbs highscholl sweetheart that now looks like the backside of a dresser)...so, you just badmouth the ones (girls) you enjoy watching! probably child molester too...

Awesome ! I'll marry that slut ! Kudos to any gal that can take it like that ! My GF takes it in the ass, I know she wants another cock, she just hasn't told me just yet !!

Hey, give her some credit, she looks like a fun girl- if she enjoys a good DP now and then, she could be a lot of fun!

/ what a slut i feel sorry for who ever marries that

they need to gag that bitch

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