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Description:Black stud bangs my wife infront of me while she screams
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hey cyril, never met a brother that had the balls to throw hands one on one. stop with the tough talk when you yourself are behind the keyboard! you know your place in life. stay there. you do not have the brain cells to understand that you are being degraded by white women and men when they allow your nasty black snake to enter the pussy. you my friend are a stupid man. ;)

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I had never really thought of it like that. It's true though as a lot of these women ask spwcifically for 'black' men. So what you are all saying is she is degrading herself, her husband and the stud. Bet none of them see it like that though

Thnks "hearing some truth", for recognizing my post. You're absolutely right about one thing... This woman came harder than she ever has before, and she will continue fantasizing about and fucking black men, whether she tells hubby or not. Her extreme enjoyment is proof that she herself is a racist. Orgasms are 90 percent mental. I'm hung better than most other white guys, and fit enough to pound her like that, but her orgasm was based on this black guy living up to her racist idea. The idea of being pounded, out of control, used by a savage, less civilized person than hubby. (Her fantasy, not my opinion)That is why these women and couples recruit black studs for "BBC". Otherwise, they would just be looking for young and hung of any race.

hearing some truth
the long comment that was made by nelson is so true in a way that its sad, but if you look at it in the Black mans stand point. the white guy can't give it to his white woman like the way this Black man did. im sure she'll never ever sound like that with her Husband fucking her. shes a lost for words. but i do agree

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Easy. Because it degrades her and himself. A sexual quirk.

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I bet she doesn't scream like that when her husband pounds her. dirty fucking whore.

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First of all, the husband should be beaten to death ofr letting Kobe fuck his wife. Then that nigger should be hung.

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She liked that a lot. lol.

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