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Homemade Sex From Turkey

Description:Homemade sex from Turkey
Submitted: 53 months ago by Anonymous
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not turkish at all..they speak persian.

someone tell me why you guys prefer to put it in a womans ass when she offering her a beutiful vagina to slide it in and out of...ive done it for with my husband twice to try something new..he said it was the same for him and he's rather do me the usual way. i didnt care for it myself.what so great about it unless you just want to hurt a girl

Stuffing a "Turk"ey has a new meaning. Especially a beautiful "bird". Preparing that "Turk"ey does require the removal of certain hair (pin feathers). Don't think for a minute some precum little swimmers were not left behind. Let's hope this little darling was left with something to "roast" her gorgeousness.

i thought that was going to be a vid of some dude fucking a turkey at home. but it was cool that he banged that chick in the ass....hard. she took it well!

naked ape
Well, SHE'S friggin' gorgeous. He's one of the skeeviest-looking things I've ever seen.

ozzy TR
thats not turkish!!!

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