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1st Time On The Net

Description:Masturbating on cam for the first time
Submitted: 79 months ago by creepypat
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She says it's her second video. Anyone know where to find the first one? And I don't mean the countless reposts of this one.

ohh maan why you dont doing that stuff with a man... btw. you are hot xD ಠ_ಠ --> i´ll watch ya

Whats her name???

This would have been better had she been, you know, actually hot

she can really deep throat that thing!

why does it take her so long to read the prompter?........she is too dumb to fake orgasm so its probably real

on stickam huh? lmfao.

You're all crazy! This is an amazing video! This is a real naked girl. She's a little embarrassed, nervous and giggling but in the end she does herself like a pro! This is a real amateur being herself in front of a camera. I would love to see more from her!

yep, i'm scraping the bottom of the barrel

1st time?? Try 300th time. This video has been posted and re posted on this site more times than I can keep up with.

Another future Mensa member.

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