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Cum Taster

Description:She was curious what his cum tasted like.
Submitted: 79 months ago by creepypat
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She got herself a nice wet load of cum. More women need to suck cock behind their husband's back. It's more exciting for her that way.

high school geek: in the course of your life even you will have more than one woman

I'm gonna have to agree with the too many bj vidz of late. I love a girl getting a facial as much as the next guy but lets mix it up a bit.

lol... "most of my women enjoyed it " Who the hell does this guy think he is, the king of Araby or somenthing???

nice girl, i would love to put a few bruises on her..most of my women enjoyed it

good vid..good technique but the bj code requires that she show tit

How does a woman suck a cock behind their husband's back when the cock is in the front? Has to be one long ass cock to stretch behind the guy so the wife can suck it.

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