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Multiple Orgasms

Description:This brunette amateur will never leave this guy.
Submitted: 79 months ago by creepypat
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...and then he fucked the shit out of her

i just came watching this without touching myself! mmm

i love it when they garb your head and pull it into their pussys

Ha, it looks like he's gnawing at her around 1:40. She's enjoying it though. Nice vid.

your wife sounds unsatisfactory

she exhibits more response in this vid than more women do in 5 years of marriage...good vid

to all you so called "expert" pussy eaters out there. watch this guy and learn something. the main 2 things are, dont be jabbing at our clits with the end of your hard pointy tongues. get lots of spit in your mouth and rub it flat over her clit, up and down and around. also, use your fingers like this guy. you watch porn and you think we like you jamming your fingers in and out at 100 mph. see how he stuck his fingers in fingertips up? get her nice and wet and then rub inside the inside top of her pussy, with decent pressure and nice and easy. if you can get your fat head in and lick her clit at the same time, maybe when your dpne she'll be more happier to suck on your limpy meat sticks.

Beautiful responsive girl, like we all wish we had all the time. I love it all, but I feel the actual orgasm is at 1:37

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