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Fuck The Bedpost

Description:Nothing to do on a sunday night but fuck the bedpost.
Submitted: 77 months ago by Anonymous
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whats with the music

i don't think thats what mom meant by clean your room and polish your bed frame

i dont think thats what mom meant by make your bed and polish the wood

whats your 16 year old daughter doing in her bedroom? Pussy and tits have nothing to do with each other. There is a saying; if you want a girl with a real tight kitty, find a girl with itty bitty titties. Its in a song. Funny song. 'Wet bald tight pussy'. I think thats what it's called.

someone once told me...girls with little tits got the best pussy. She sure goes at it

Nice Body! Can I lick the bedpost?!

nice soundtrack , who is it?

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