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Real Wife Sucking

Description:This is what real wives look like when they blow you, not like those fake boob bimbos.
Submitted: 44 months ago by Anonymous
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I have a friend who works on building a pipeline out of state each year. He is gone from april until december. His wife is heavy with big tits. About october she starts needing me to come over and "fix" the sink or something. It took her two years to get up the courage to ask. But she wanted to know if I would take care of her. She is a great fuck and she loves to suck on my cock as I watch TV with her.Her pussy is real tight because she is 55 and never had kids. Her hubby, she says, has E.D. and can only get about 2 or 3 inches up anymore. Hell, tight pussy is the best and a woman who can suck and swallow is great!

I love her body

Is real woman another way of saying fat pig? At least the fake boob girls dont have rolls of fat! And the blowjob wasnt that great so... next video please!

great bj it looks like

Real wife sucking... yes... Husband really cumming ... probably after the video...

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