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Blindfolded Wife Fucked

Description:Screwed from behind after having her naked body exposed to the camera.
Submitted: 42 months ago by Anonymous
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If SHE had the blindfold on.....how could HE fuck her and not know it??? Sounds kinda fishy to meeee!

she needs to blindfold to be able to have sex with him

My wife wanted fucked with a blindfold on. I waited until she was drunk, asked her if she wanted fucked blindfolded by a "stranger" and she said YES! I had a friend come over, let him slip inside the house, got her naked and started fucking her. I pulled out and said "got to move the blanket". He slid onto the bed and started fucking her. She moaned, had an orgasm and moaned some more. Then he shot his cum inside her. I got him out of the way and told her to "wait a sec. I wam ready to go again". He watched from the doorway as I fucked her. Trouble was, I was so turned on by seeing him fuck her without her knowing it.That I nutted inside her within a mintue or two. "Damn" she said, "you sure got off fast the second time". I told her th blindfold turned me o

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Wow...the guy lasted 40 seconds...

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