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Fat Mom Forced To Fuck

Description:On her knees banged from behind
Submitted: 40 months ago by Anonymous
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My step mom was a big woman will full breasts but a very sexy woman. She would always wear white t-shirts and no bra or tank tops and no bra. She's also wear shorts that showed the bottom of her ass cheeks There were plenty of times she caught me lusting after her and I don't think she cared because she kept right on going about her house work, all bent over and no bra on.

She is a fat bitch.

What a fat ass ugly woman ! Absolutely disgusting ! Lay off the double quarter pounders and lose about 50 pounds and then post a video that might actually get me turned on.

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awesome. too bad this site has no idea that videos some in other aspect ratios.

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it's in a garage because sex like that doesn't belong in a bedroom

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