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Gloryhole Swallow

Description:Catherine swallows 9 loads of random cum during her 3rd visit to the Glory Hole.
Submitted: 31 months ago by Anonymous
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Whenever I go to an adult book store I never see any hot chicks. I always end up getting my cock sucked off by a gay guy through a glory hole. Hey, it aint a hot chick but it's still a blowjob!

You must know from experience if it's a guy uh? Thad's is legit. If any of you other guys minus the dick head are in SD and want to go post up!!

I would love to find a glory hole to use. I think plenty of the exhilaration would be not knowing who is sucking you off on the other side. Chick or dude...who cares if it feels good.

what a dumbass if you actually think its a girl sucking your dick. most often you are being sucked by a dude you fag

There's a swingers club here in San Diego that has a glory hole day. It's called Thad's. Men have to be completly nude and woman in something sexy. Unless you're ugly as hell; you're getting laid here.

Where is this place? I so would stick my dick in a hole to be sucked by a hot chick.

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