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College Girl Stripping

Description:Beautiful college girl stripping and dancing.
Submitted: 75 months ago by Anonymous
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nice little pussy

Music horrible, room too messy, girl's age QUESTIONABLE!! Potential ABSOLUTELY-Allow me to make your next video! Meet in columbus ohio and let me gently yet thoroughly explore and expose you :) same name with yahoo.

What a corny ass video beautiful girl with great body but lets do something play with that pussy put a dildo up your ass and pussy and lets see you cum. Boring just watching you stand around lets see more action

WOW! She's fucking beautiful. I think I'm going to buy her a hd video cam.

Pretty girl, but someone should buy her a dildo and show her how to fuck herself with it.. would have made this interesting

hot college girl.sexy

Sexy little thing but why leave the socks on?

very sexy but, it could have been better if she would have played with herself alittle more

Nice landing strip. Crappy video!!

Earth to cameraman...there's this thing call the Zoom?

Why didn't she dance, or add some kind of excitement to this video?

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