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Hot White Chick Gets Fucked Hard

Description:Her white ass and big boobs will make your penis hard.For me she is the goddess of all sexy girls.
Submitted: 20 months ago by Anonymous
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The Boob Police
Why do these descriptions say things like "big boobs" when it's patently obvious that in fact she has really quite small breasts? Does the author think that somehow writing it makes it true, or perhaps that we're stupid enough to not notice that in fact she's very flat-chested? :|

in addition to fixing that squeaky bed, how about that chick cleans her dirty butt hole? i find that a good stiff bristle brush and laundry detergent

Enough with the squeaky bed, already! Buy a new one. Or fuck elsewhere.

geiles video ;) leider nicht ganz ;( und btw...kauft euch ein neues BETT :)

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