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Bbc Sucking

Description:She goes to town on that big black cock.
Submitted: 74 months ago by Anonymous
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black girls suck bad ass dick, but are butt ugly. wish white girls sucked dick half as good as them, and hell had their ghetto booties too.

you stupid fuck. she has skills, so fuck it up. if your so stupid you cant get a blowjob and vid too, then hire me to do it, then she can suck my balls dry!!! lol

Girl dont even know how to suck cock! I would have sent her packing! Damn you need to get more than the head in your mouth!

she could have my white dick anytime

i love me some big black cock... I would even suck that one despite that it's uncircumcised --ewwwww

why are black dudes always wearing white sock in these videos?

one word... Tripod


saw this on another site - wack

Man, that camera was bouncing around so much, it made me dizzy! Hey Dumbass, learn how to use a camera "BEFORE" you make a video!!!!


dude leave her head alone see looks like she knows what she is doin

dumb ass...

Learn to use a camera fuckhead

you need a cameraman....i would love to ride that big black cock

He Could Hold the Cam Right is that Bitch knew what the fuck she was doing

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