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Choking On Cum

Description:I love it when it is too much for a girl
Submitted: 74 months ago by Anonymous
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those jeans need sewing

she's gonna grow to love it. Trust me, I puked the first time I got a shot in the mouth, now,, I want it every time. She's barely 20 it comes with time and practice. "you can't take it in the ass forever honey"

Bangin' body on that hottie! I'd rather be pounding her pussy. It's pretty obvious she doesn't like cum too much.


Man, that is some THICK cum... like snot... she's not going to swallow that...


What an asshole this guy is. She is choking or gagging

my guess is the guy had skanky cum, the smell will gag anyone, she is so fine

Pretty Sure she wasn't choking on anything. The definitive answer here is why is she puking? You must have the semen that is diarrhea shit flavor

fat fuck ..the ONLY reason your getting a whore like that is cause your paying her after taking stills.

Nice Tits

Hell, she didn't even get enough jizz in her mouth, to make her gag. She is useless!

yeah, looking at this guys dick, doesnt he mean too little? Stop self promoting douchbag, its not the load, this bitch hates the sight, taste, smell of cum.

It's not too much for her to handle... She hates a mans cum so much that it makes her sick, that common amongst amateurs though

Fantastic! I am starting to the last wank for today.

Choking is the new anal.

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