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she looks like a great fuck, working the pussy up and back to the cock. he has trouble holding his load. My friends mom taught me how to hold off when I was 14. I did her for many years.

exciting home made vid. I watched a couple fucking when 11 for the first time. Since then I am addicted to voyeurism.

Best video on this site. The way she bucks her hips into his thrusts and moans is perfect, I can't count the amount of times I've came to this vid

Another wasted cum load! Damn shameful!

you forgot something .. hmmm, oh yeah, she didn't cum. She looked terribly unsatisfied after that. Jerk.

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We lasted longer than some. But I always have to ask, why do some guys want to pull out and be feeling their own hands at the moment of cumming instead of her pussy walls?

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