Most Erotic Home Bj

  Description:The most erotic blowjob and insane cumshot at the end with killer blonde babe ever filmed
Submitted: 46 months ago by lukkepra
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wtf are you assholes complaining about,..shes fucking gorgeous,..ive enver seen her before,..the only bad thing is the asshole jerking off in the end , seems like thats every other video on here,.wtf is wrong with these shitheads

Pretty terrible. Nobody wants to see a man jerk himself off. Also not homemade. Thumbs down.

ROFL ... exactly who believes this is a "home BJ". 1/10

why do people STILL write comments as if the girl in the video posted the clip AND is lurking in the comment section waiting for a reply??? Yes, I'm looking at you 6969

def not home made and not amateur. and who the fuck puts opera in porn? nope. thumbs down!

cool but i rather have audio than opera music. and she should be finishing him off, what is the point of a great blowjob when your really just jerking off in the end?

Now that's an opera performance even i could get into...

I voted thumbs up. The score went down?

Hell yes!!!!!!

gr8 job, when will you do me bb? how about tonight?

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