Sharing My Wifey

  Description:Sharing My Wifey With The Boys
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Finally talked the wife into going to an orgy party. She found the group. It was set up and run by the wives, and not what I was expecting or wanted. Nearly every wife, including mine, brought a husband and another guy friend (more than a few young single studs. Needless to say most husbands didn't get more than a hand or blow job and that was by the wives having their periods. The wife got banged by at least 7 guys and all I got was two min of a blow job,hand job to finish, a couple of stiff drinks, and a lot of time talking to the other husbands while we watched our wives get their brains banged out! Not my idea of a fair deal at all.

NOT amateur at all.

happy husband
she is incredible perfect wife

beautiful woman who loves dick

well she got her bones now .....She deserves a drink,,,Pour some water in her bowl....

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