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2 Friends Fuck My Wife

  Description:My 2 friends fuck my wife
Submitted: 72 months ago by Anonymous
Views: 685829  Duration: 01:34
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needed a cumshot.....

Yeah for a girl with a build like she has (which is quite nice in my opinion) she needs some men who are better equiped. If your gunna let friends fuck your wife, make it worth it for her damn.

Yes - I'm trying to get my wife to agree to a 3 too.
let me know if anybody want to have good fun

i wanna join the club

Horny B
You know, I would love to watch two of my friends plow into my wife. It would make me so horny to watch. I would love to do the same to my friend's wife too. I wouldn't even care if my friends wanted their cocks touching my cock, hey whatever works...

That shit's hot

chicky is sexy wonderin if i get next

I want to film my LIL PIG DAUTHER doing this, some told me you could make money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

papijoe is probably some balding middle aged dude living in his parent's basement you guys should ALWAYS fuck on film
Of course retards shouldn't be allowed onto the Net either so I guess that makes us even.
fat people should NOT fuck on film, HARPOON THAT WHALE

love watching my wife with other cocks

i want someone to fuck my wife and me!!!

id fuck ur wife
would like to gangbang my wife if any 1 wants to join in
I also like to see other guys fuck my wife


So nice when a man will share his bitch with a horny friend or two

IS there more ?? Maybe a pop shot or two ??

Very hot wife and awesome husband to share with buddies, I let my buddies ride my wife also

Very hot woman and love seeing a hot housewife fucking others while hubby watches

very hot next

Don't want to call that first guy fat but you could show movies on his butt

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